Vidhaata : Biggest Ever Bhojpuri Film

Vidhaata was made in Hindi for the first time in 1982. This time Vidhaata is a Bhojpuri film having no relation with the earlier one. Here we are talking about Bhojpuri Film Vidhaata.

Nirahua and Ravi Kishan in Vidhaata

Vidhaata is said to be the biggest ever film in Bhojpuri. Its shooting has been completed and music has been launched with much fanfare. For the first time Ravi Kishan and Dinesh Lal Nirahua are working togather in this film.

Produced by Pratibha Singh and Asif Khan, Vidhaata is a multi starrer Bhojpuri film in which two super stars of Bhojpuri world are in lead roles. Vidhaata is supposed to be released in May 2008. Here are some bare facts about Vidhaata:

  • Stars : Ravi Kaishan, Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, Pankaj Keshari, Pakhi Hegde, Anara Gupta, Poonam Sagar, Brajesh Tripathi, and Gopal Rai.
  • Direction: Harry Fernandes.
  • Music : Gunwant Sen and Lal Sinha.
  • Story: Hansraj.
  • Dialogue: Md.Rafi Khan.
  • Songs: Vinay Bihari, Pyarelal, Shyam Dehati, Sachchidanand Kavach.<.li>
  • Photography: Akram Khan.
  • Dance Direction: Dilip Mistri.

(Originally published in in 2008, Source


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