Vinay Anand is going to tour all over the country for his “Sawariya”

Vinay Anand takes all his films sincerely and this is the reason he has decided to promote all his films. He will give some days for promoting his films. He will go to every state to talk with the viewers, the distributors, the theater owners, and will do every thing possible for the promotion of Bhojpuri cinema in general and his films in particular. Vinay Anand started this with his “Nanihaal” but will do the same in an organised manner from his new fim “Sawariya I Love You”. Vinay Anand fails to understand why Bhojpuri stars do not spare time to promote their films whereas Bollywood stars go to any length for promoting their films. Producers spends so much on us so we must do our best to promote our films. Hope this opens the eyes of other stars too!

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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