About Tatka Khabar

Tatka Khabar, or latest news, is the offshoot of Anjoria.com, the pioneer website of Bhojpuri.

If you are interested to be on our team of young trainee journalists kindly send an email to editor@anjoria.com with full details about yourselves, including your present location, mobile number, present work etc.

Tatka Khabar is looking preferably for brilliant students having a good command over languages, Bhojpuri, Hindi, and English as well who want to make a career in journalism. They must be located in Bhojpuri speaking areas of western Bihar and Purvanchal.

During the trainee period the trainee journalists will be paid a nominal amount only to cover up their expenses. The chosen few will be required to send a SMS with their news item from their recognized mobile phone. If the news item is of any value we will call them for further details.

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